Make Free Phone Calls with this 5 Android Tablet Apps

Android offers a wide variety of applications and among them are those that allow free phone calls. Communication is indeed an important part of life, and fortunately, technology has made it easier for you to connect to others without charge. Here are some Android applications that do just that:

1. Google Voice

Android version of Google Voice offers real-time functionality. This lets you receive text and voice messages instantly as they arrive. This is unlike the previous version where the software will check for new messages only once every 15 minutes. The application has an “Inbox Sync” feature which when activated, displays incoming messages in seconds. Also, you can make international calls to their number of Google. You can also send free text messages with this application.

2. Fring

The new version of Fring Android have a new profile screen and a new look on your friends list. A marker has been added. This makes Fring attractive to its users, and its ability to make calls. The updated contact list is now more user friendly. It shows a picture of his friend and the line of mood; The same applies to the call screen.

You can also customize your profile by adding a picture and editing your mood so your friend knows how you feel. You can also add your e-mail and phone number.

In addition, the new Android Fring offers a communication experience through its best voice of improvements and bug fixes.

3. Skype

The new Skype for Android is quite similar to the iPhone version. By signing, you can immediately see which of your contacts are online. You can send messages and make calls over Wi-Fi or a 3G standard.

Call quality is quite clear. There may be cases where the connection breaks, but ultimately, the experience is pleasant.

Skype looks great physically. Navigation is easy and the menus are colorful and sharp.

4. Guava

With Guava, you can make free calls to any U.S. number account using your Google Voice and Gizmo5. In addition, guava allows you to receive calls to your number of Google Voice provided you have an Internet connection. You can also send text messages to U.S. cell with this application.

5. Android Beta Viber

Viber lets users call Viber via 3G and Wi-Fi. This application also allows you to send free text messages. With Viber, you can have unlimited calls and text messages to any user on any Viber Android or iPhone.

Viber Android version is said to have unique features such as call display and full text notifications pop-up message. In addition, you can set as your default dialer Viber.

If you decide to buy an Android device for you, do not forget to tap the huge online marketplace. Although some communications applications come with a set price would be the best way to start downloading free applications first to determine what really works for you and compatible with your current tablet. Most applications for Android provides occasional updates, so any error or fault in the system is set at the right time.


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